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Five times Estonian football champion caught with large amount of cocaine

Nikolai Masitsev, who has been crowned Estonian champion in football five times during his career, was handed a suspended prison sentence by the Tallinn County Court in November for possessing a large amount of cocaine, Postimees reported.

The court convicted the former footballer of a drug crime in November, on a charge based on the fact that 72.26 grams of a white powder that turned out to be cocaine was found in his possession on April 25.

According to the court’s decision, under the guidance of Vitali Filonov, another defendant in the same case, Masitsev took possession of the cocaine and delivered it to the glove compartment of an unlocked Bolt Drive car.

An expert survey ordered by the police established that the substance was 78 percent pure cocaine, which means that it contained 56.4 grams of the narcotic substance.

Masitsev was handed a suspended sentence of two years and three months in prison, with a probation period of two and a half years.

Masitsev last played in the top league of Estonian football in 2021, as part of Tallinn JK Legion. During his career in the Premium League, he scored 69 goals in 404 games and was crowned Estonian champion five times. What makes his achievement special is that he managed to win the championship with four different clubs: TVMK, FC Flora, Infonet, and Nomme Kalju.

Source: BNS

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