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Duo Media, Postimees to bring Paris Olympics to Estonians’ homes

TV channels Kanal 2, Duo 5 and Kanal 7, Raadio Kuku radio station and Postimees are official broadcast partners for the Summer Olympic Games in Paris in Estonia.

The Olympics will begin with a grand opening ceremony on Friday, July 26, and will end on Sunday, August 11. In total, 250 hours of live coverage will be brought to TV and radio audiences in Estonia from the venues, ranging from athletics and swimming to ball games and this year’s new sports, such breaking, the urban dance style. Olympic sports events can also be watched live on the Postimees website.

“The goal is to comprehensively cover the participation of Estonian athletes, while also providing live coverage of other popular competitions. In the Olympic city of Paris, our journalists will deliver exciting reporting every day, bringing the Olympic spirit directly into the homes of Estonian people,” said Toomas Vara, the head producer of Olympic broadcasts at Duo Media.

Juri Pihel, chairman of the board of Duo Media, stressed the importance of live coverage of major sporting events.

“Every four years, there is only one place where the eyes of the world are focused. This year it’s Paris. We are very proud to bring the world’s biggest sporting celebration to Estonian TV viewers,” Pihel said.

A 18-strong delegation from Duo Media and Postimees will travel to Paris to report on the ground, both at the venues and elsewhere.

Roald Johannson, master of global reportage, will take TV viewers to discover many of the still underexposed facets of Paris, the capital of fashion, art and culture, offering a unique inside look at what is happening in the Olympic city.

Toomas Vara says that coverage of the Olympics has never been undertaken on such a large scale in Estonia before.

“The production team has been living and breathing in the rhythm of the Olympics for the past six months,” Vara said.

In addition to live coverage of sports, Kanal 2 will produce a special program dedicated to the global sporting celebration, called “Olumpiastuudio” (“Olympic Studio”), which will reach viewers throughout the day in between the competition events and will end each evening with an entertaining recap of the day.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games begins on the evening of July 26 on Kanal 2. Starting from Wednesday, the TV channels Kanal 2, Duo 5 and Kanal 7 will start counting the days remaining until the big event, and the logos of the channels will become Olympic-themed.

Source: BNS

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