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A new direction for gourmet pleasures nearly open – The MICHELIN Guide adds a new Baltic country to its destination portfolio

Michelin announces the expansion of the MICHELIN Guide to Lithuania, completing the representation of the Baltic countries within its selections. The inaugural Guide for Lithuania will be unveiled on 13 June 2024 in Vilnius, highlighting the country’s culinary establishments.

Michelin inspectors have conducted comprehensive evaluations across Lithuania, including regions such as Klaipeda, Trakai, Kaunas, and the capital, Vilnius. These inspections have covered a wide range of culinary expressions, from traditional Lithuanian dishes to those influenced by international cuisines, with a focus on local and seasonal produce.

The selection process has been conducted following the MICHELIN Guide’s international methodology, consisting of anonymously and independently assessing the restaurants based on 5 criteria – all focusing on the quality of the food only: the quality of ingredients, the mastery of cooking techniques, the harmony of flavors, chef’s personal expression through the cuisine, and consistency across the menu and over time.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guides, commented: ”With the launch of the Lithuania Guide, we are proud to complete The MICHELIN Guide selection for the Baltic Countries, providing a comprehensive resource when it comes to top-quality dining experiences in this region. This new selection will highlight the uniqueness of Lithuania’s restaurants, promoting the country’s talented chefs and embracing their passion, creativity, and respect for local culinary traditions. Our Inspectors are currently finalizing the first selection, which we look forward to sharing with food lovers worldwide.”

The arrival of The MICHELIN Guide in Lithuania is supported by The Ministry of Economy and Innovation, whose Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė, said: “Lithuania excels on the global stage, not only for its historical heritage and lush, green landscapes but also for its authentic culinary experiences now recognized by the MICHELIN Guide. This recognition, woven into the rich tapestry of our culture and celebrated alongside Vilnius’s 700th anniversary and Kaunas’s UNESCO-listed modernist architecture, underscores our unparalleled blend of culture, nature, and culinary excellence. It extends an open invitation to explore the depth of Lithuania’s unique identity, offering discerning travelers a comprehensive experience that seamlessly marries quality with tradition and innovation.”

Renowned Italian professional chef and culinary teacher Gian Luca Demarco, who has lived in Lithuania for over sixteen years, has praised the incredible evolution of Lithuanian gastronomy. Having observed the tremendous growth in the Lithuanian food scene over the past decade, Mr. Demarco believes that Michelin’s arrival in Lithuania is timely and incredibly important. According to Mr. Demarco, Lithuanian chefs have transformed their craft by traveling the world, working with local farmers to find the best quality ingredients, and refining flavors. This has led to the creation of unique masterpieces in every gastronomy area, from the simplest breads.

“I am overjoyed to witness the tremendous growth that Lithuania’s gastronomy has achieved in such a short time,” said Mr. Demarco. “Lithuanian professionals have truly outdone themselves, creating unique masterpieces in every area of gastronomy.”

The first Lithuanian restaurant selection of The MICHELIN Guide will be unveiled during a special event on June 13th, 2024, at the Pirkliu Club in Vilnius.

The MICHELIN Guide Methodology

The MICHELIN Guide was created in 1900 by the Michelin tyre company to support the growth of automobile mobility. Since then, it has remained loyal to its original mission: to settle in gastronomic destinations, to guide international travelers and local foodies to the best restaurants, to highlight world culinary scenes, and to promote travel culture.

The anonymous Michelin inspectors will independently select the restaurants in The MICHELIN Guide Lithuania, following the Guide’s historical and global methodology.

Only the quality of the cuisine offered by the restaurants will be assessed by the Inspectors according to the Guide’s five international criteria:

  • The quality of the produce
  • The mastery of cooking techniques
  • The harmony of flavours
  • The personality of the chef as expressed through the cuisine
  • Consistency, both across the entire menu and over time

The MICHELIN Guide Restaurant Selection

The MICHELIN Guide conveys its restaurant reviews through an extensive system of distinctions, which are awarded to particularly special restaurants within its full selection. Its most famous distinctions are its globally renowned MICHELIN Stars, which are awarded to restaurants offering the best culinary experiences. One MICHELIN Star is awarded to restaurants for “high-quality cooking that is worth a stop”, Two MICHELIN Stars for “excellent cooking that is worth a detour” and Three MICHELIN Stars for “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.”

Alongside the coveted Star ratings, the selection also includes the popular Bib Gourmand category—a distinction awarded to restaurants that provide good quality food at a great price—as well as the MICHELIN Green Star, which is awarded to role-model restaurants that commit to taking a fully sustainable approach to gastronomy.


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