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Representatives of educational institutions in Plungė district visited Ignitis Group

Plungė district educational institutions representatives took part in the energy efficiency education programme in Vilnius, initiated by Ignitis Group. The teachers had a closer look at the energy sector and the Ignitis Group and participated in training sessions for education professionals. These educational events for representatives of educational institutions are part of the integrated #EnergySmartSTART programme, initiated by the renewable energy company Ignitis Group, which brings together various energy initiatives.

At the beginning of January, teachers from Plungė visited the Vilnius Cogeneration Plant (VCP), where they had a close look at the production of energy from non-recyclable waste. The VCP on the outskirts of Vilnius opened just a few years ago and is one of Europe’s most modern cogeneration plants. It converts waste and biofuels into heat and electricity, using cutting-edge technology.

After the excursion, the teachers went to the Ignitis Group office, where the company’s experts gave a more detailed presentation of Ignitis Group’s activities and the #EnergySmartSTART programme. Training sessions were held to discuss how to integrate topics relating to energy and energy efficiency into the classroom.

Audrius Klišonis, the Mayor of Plungė district, says that the district is rapidly integrating into the renewable energy network, with several projects being developed here, and residents actively installing renewable energy solutions in their households.

“School is not only a channel for learning but also for spreading ideas. It can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest global trends, so these trips and seminars organised by social partners are beneficial. I have no doubt that the knowledge imparted by the teachers will return to the students tenfold. They will understand their impact on the environment and will strive to exert only a positive influence through their actions,” says Klišonis.

Last year, Ignitis Group initiated Lithuania’s first energy efficiency education programme. The project started in the Tauragė region in the first year, and this year, it has expanded to Plungė. The programme aims to spread awareness about the latest and most relevant findings about energy and its production, global issues, and the impact of everyone’s actions on the environment. The energy efficiency education programme is one of the #EnergySmartSTART initiatives.

Vaiva Rutkauskaitė, #EnergySmartSTART Educational Programme Manager says that the programme aims to be long-lasting, so it is essential to turn to the younger generation in order to to raise awareness of responsible energy consumption and the benefits of clean energy sources, thereby reducing the impact of humans on the environment. The most energy-efficient countries are using this approach of focusing on this topic in schools in order to spread long-term awareness.

“We can invest in the future by educating and collaborating with the staff of educational institutions about energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. It is crucial to cultivate a society capable of making responsible energy choices. The energy sector is responsible for a significant share of global emissions and climate change. As more and more people turn towards sustainable energy, we can help avoid severe consequences in the future,” says Rutkauskaitė.

The #EnergySmartSTART programme is aimed at schoolchildren, students, and anyone interested in energy. The programme brings together a range of initiatives by energy companies — organising excursions for schoolchildren and meetings with professionals, scholarships for students, and introductions to career opportunities in the energy sector. To find out more about the programme, visit www.energysmartstart.lt.

Source: ignitisgrupe.lt


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