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Estonian govt approves defense readiness exercise Okas for 220 reservists

The Estonian government on Wednesday decided to declare the defense readiness exercise Okas 23-3 (Quill), with up to 220 members of the 911th Air Base Defense Unit ordered to participate in the snap exercise.

The exercise Okas is of a defensive manner, aimed at practicing national defense activities. There is no immediate security threat to Estonia, government spokespeople said.

Based on the proposal by the commander of Estonian defense forces, up to 220 reservists from the Air Force’s 911th Air Base Defense Unit have been ordered by the government to participate in the snap exercise Okas 23-3 from Nov. 8 to 11, 2023.

In addition, up to 45 active duty members of the Estonian defense forces are involved in the exercise in supporting roles.

Reservists whose units are called to the exercise are obligated to report to the designated assembly points at the time specified in their orders.

Reservists that were called to duty can check their orders from the website www.kaitsevaeteenistus.ee. Called up reservists can receive additional information about the exercise from the phone number +372 8002525 and e-mail info@kra.ee.

The main purpose of exercise Okas is to test the chain of command of national defense, from the decision of the government of Estonia to achieving combat readiness of designated units in the rapid response structure.

The task of the Estonian defense forces and the Kaitseliit (Defense League) volunteer corps is to ensure that the country is constantly ready to defend itself and this needs to be practiced during exercises.

The Estonian national defense model, based on Estonian reserve military structures, has proven its vitality and effectiveness. Security does not generate by itself, and that is why Estonia must organize regular exercises in peacetime in order to maintain and increase the ability of the reserve structure to react in a timely matter. Previous snap exercise Okas was carried out in May 2023.

The Estonian defense forces regularly order reservists to larger and smaller exercises, such as Siil (Hedgehog) and Kevadtorm (Spring Storm), with a long, 120-day notice.

Source: BNS

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