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Turnover of medicines sold by pharmacies up 8.7% in 2023

Last year, the turnover of medicines sold at general pharmacies rose by 8.7 percent against 2022 to EUR 467.073 million (excluding VAT), according to data on pharmacies’ operations released by the State Agency of Medicines.

The State Agency of Medicines notes that drug sales at pharmacies have been showing an upward trend since 2017.

The pharmacies’ total turnover also grew last year – by 4.7 percent against 2022 to EUR 598.382 million, excluding VAT.

Drug sales to individuals increased by 9 percent or EUR 37.599 million, while sales of medicines to legal entities grew by 4.1 percent or EUR 400,900.

The turnover of pharmacy chains comprising three or more pharmacies rose slightly in 2023 and made up 89 percent of total drug sales.

Last year, the largest market share by volume of medicines sold was held by Sentor Farm Aptiekas, which operates under the brand Meness Aptieka, followed by Apotheka, Euroaptieka Farmacija, Benu Aptieka Latvija and Latvijas Aptieka. Last year, the largest sellers of medicines also included Farma Balt Aptieka, Dalma LJ, Baltfarm and Alante.

Source: BNS

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