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Survey: Many in Estonia willing to do extra seasonal work without paying tax

An express survey of the Estonian labor market carried out by the job portal CV.ee shows that nearly 30 percent of those surveyed have done or are willing to do seasonal work informally if they could get more money, while 23 percent of respondents are skeptical about getting paid cash-in-hand.

The main reasons for working without a job contract are related to economic security and flexible working hours. Almost 65 percent of respondents would be willing to work without a contract if they could get paid more as a result, and 54 percent if they could choose their own hours and place of work. A package of attractive fringe benefits would also be an incentive to work informally, named by 33 percent, while 22 percent said that the possibility of traveling on the job could be a motivator.

The most popular fields for additional work were customer service with 40 percent, tourism and hospitality with 23 percent, and transport and logistics with 19 percent. People are looking to earn up to 1,000 euros net per month from extra work.

“The results reveal the sad reality that a significant portion of the workforce is willing to risk potential legal consequences associated with unregistered work for better pay and flexibility,” said Karla Oder, marketing manager at CV.ee. “This study highlights a critical issue in the current labor market — the tendency of job seekers to pursue informal work to increase their income and balance financial instability.”

Source: BNS

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