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Mihkelson says Baltic-Nordic cooperation could be a model for US Congress

Marko Mihkelson, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Estonian parliament, says that cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries is something very special and unique, which could also serve as an example for the US Congress, which is divided due to domestic political tensions.

“We didn’t need to coordinate our messages or decide in advance who would talk about what,” Mihkelson said on social media, recalling the recent joint visit by the heads of the Nordic and Baltic parliamentary foreign affairs committees to the United States. “Everything went smoothly, as if we were representing just one country together. Although we belong to different political families, this has not been an obstacle to the development of good personal chemistry. It is actually a strength, because it makes our unity and desire to stand up together against the world gone mad even clearer and more pronounced,” Mihkelson, expressing hope that this was also noticed by their US counterparts.

“This kind of unity and consensus is so badly needed in America now, because the domestic political polarization, which is only growing in the run-up to the elections, is a threat not only to us, but also to the security of the United States itself,” Mihkelson said, referring to the US Congress, which has been unable to approve the Ukraine aid package already for some time. “In any case, the Nordic-Baltic joint parliamentary strike force made its contribution to underlining the need to approve the aid for Ukraine and, more broadly, to strengthening the transatlantic alliance at a time when enemies are eagerly trying to tear it apart.”

The heads of the foreign affairs committees of the Nordic and Baltic parliaments have been meeting regularly since 2004 and will meet again at the beginning of the autumn in Iceland.

Source: BNS

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