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Leaked report: How US Companies Get Away with Fueling Russia’s Military

As the second “black anniversary” since the beginning of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is approaching, and the Kremlin has announced of its plans to increase airstrikes on Ukraine in the coming weeks and months, startling news have come up evidencing that such strikes have been – continuously and indirectly – supported by the US.

Whenever a question arises – is Russia really able to produce all of these missiles by itself – the answer is clear. No. Russia would not be able to build missiles without using Western technology. As it has been revealed on a video available on youtube.com by American video journalist Johnny Harris, this statement is further supported by certain evidence found by investigators in the debris of launched missiles.

Every piece of such evidence contains certain clues, and some of them hide very dark and frightening secrets. Of the 450 Western-made components that Russia needs for their weapons, majority come from… the US.

Examination of an element of a missile reveals certain information of its origin, for example, displaying logo of an American company called Vicor; showing that communication controllers are made by another American company Zilog; guidance system which runs on three microprocessors is made by “Texas Instruments”, while “brains” of the missile, microchips are manufactured by the famous US government-subsidised IT giant Intel.

Thus, it has become obvious that the US still keeps indirectly fuelling the invaders’ war machine, while Russia still has not been prevented from using Western products to build their missiles, despite the sanctions being in place for nearly two years.

Leaked report from Ukrainian government shows the insight on how the modern technology makes its way into Russia these days. In order to escape the sanctions, a number of US companies are not too lazy to send their products to various middlemen countries with no rules in place prohibiting business with Russia. Having been illegally transported through a network of shell companies, fake aliases, circuitous shipping routes, evading the applied sanctions, these products end up in front companies for the Russian military.

With no serious consequences following, it means that, most likely, more devastating missiles destroying Ukraine’s civil infrastructure, including railways and power grids and levelling residential areas can expected for the months and even years to come. While the US will keep playing double game – on the one hand, supporting Ukraine with generous aid packages, on the other hand – sitting back and watching how the products of American companies become part of devastating weapons used by Russian military to invade Ukraine and destroy its cities.

Source: VIDEO by American video journalist Johnny Harris

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