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Icebreaking season ends in Estonia

On Tuesday, the icebreaking work organized by the Estonian Transport Administration in the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga came to an end.

The icebreaking season lasted 104 days in the Gulf of Riga and 60 days in the Gulf of Finland.

In the Gulf of Riga off the port of Parnu, icebreaking began in mid-December. The assistance of the EVA-16 multipurpose vessel of the State Fleet was needed on 207 occasions during the 104-day period and the vessel spent 307,000 liters of fuel.

In the Gulf of Finland, the icebreaker Botnica assisted ships on three occasions, spending 70,000 liters of fuel.

The season can be considered as having been of medium difficulty in the Gulf of Riga and easy in the Gulf of Finland, as the prevailing southerly winds mostly kept the ice near the Finnish shore.

The Transport Administration provides icebreaking services off the ports of Muuga Bay, Tallinn Bay and Kopli Bay, the North and South ports of Paldiski, as well as the ports of Parnu, Kunda and Sillamae.

Source: BNS

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