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Estonia’s Museum Card attracts over 52,000 visits

The Museum Card, acquired by 10,000 people in Estonia, has been used for over 52,000 museum visits in eight months.

Visits with the Museum Card have been made most frequently to museums in Harju County and Tallinn, totaling 33,651. The most popular destinations with the card are the Seaplane Harbor, Kumu Art Museum, and the Estonian Open Air Museum. Outside Tallinn, the Estonian National Museum, Tartu Art Museum, and Haapsalu Castle have proved to be favorites.

“The Museum Card has brought entirely new visitors to museums and significantly increased repeat visits, bringing people back to the same museum as exhibitions change. Based on current visitation, the results have far exceeded our first-year goals and confirmed Estonians’ continuous high interest in culture,” Kert Kask, director of the Museum Card, said.

The most popular exhibitions among Museum Card owners have been the mushroom exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Natural History, the Tallinn Jewelry Factory exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, and the exhibition on embassy interiors at the Estonian Museum of Architecture.

Museum Card statistics show that people visit museums most often on weekends and least on Mondays and Tuesdays. The average Museum Card owner is a 42-year-old woman, with the youngest being two years old and the oldest 93. The Museum Card is also held by about 500 foreigners.

A similar annual museum card is also used in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. While Estonia’s Museum Card has ten thousand owners, in Switzerland, with a population of 8.9 million, there are some 9,000 owners.

Since April, five museums have joined the Museum Card, and the list is continuously growing. In mid-January, the newly renovated Miiamilla Children’s Museum in Tallinn will also be accessible with the Museum Card. In total, the 59-euro Museum Card grants access to 119 museums, galleries, and experience centers across Estonia.

Source: BNS

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