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EDF needs €1.6 billion to destroy enemy behind Estonian border

The Estonian Defense Forces wants €1.6 billion to buy ammunition capable of destroying enemy weapons and units beyond its eastern border, a briefing drafted by outgoing EDF chief Gen. Martin Herem shows.

Ministry of Defense Permanent Secretary Kusti Salm announced his resignation on Wednesday saying the government was refusing to buy critical ammunition worth €1.6 billion. Officials said they were unaware or that they did not have detailed enough information. But Herem said both he and Salm had made their views clear to the government.

Herem’s 20-page briefing, seen by ERR, states the EDF is shifting its development from close combat to deep combat, which would give Estonia the ability to destroy the enemy from further away. The general said this means it would be possible to prevent or at least minimize loss of life and destruction on Estonian soil. But new ammunition is needed to make this change.

The briefing contains advice from the general and a more precise methodology for calculating the cost of additional ammunition.

The sums are based on data about Russian units located behind the Estonian border that could participate in a possible attack. It takes into account their size and the weapons at their disposal. Herem also outlines which weapon systems can be used to destroy enemy units and weapons.

More read: ERR.EE


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