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Tele2 1st operator to offer 5G pre-paid calling cards

As the first mobile operator on the Estonian market, Tele2 is adding 5G capability to its pre-paid calling cards, which gives all the company’s customers the opportunity to use an even faster and stronger internet connection than before.

This will also apply to packages costing less than one euro.

“Nowadays, in addition to versatile mobile packages, calling cards are still popular, which, in addition to call minutes, are used to purchase internet for use on smart devices. Currently, most newer phones have 5G capability and we want all our customers, including calling card holders, to be able to use the best quality internet comfortably and at a reasonable price. Every customer of ours can use fast 5G internet, regardless of the calling card package and price,” Sirli Kikas, junior product manager for business-to-consumer services at Tele2, said.

To enable even faster internet, Tele2 will be the first in Estonia to add 5G capability to pre-paid calling cards from Jan. 1, 2024, with which customers can enjoy a faster and more powerful user experience than before, that is higher peak data speed, lower latency, better reliability and availability, and a more unified user experience.

One of the three possible starter kits of the Tele2 5G calling card is unlimited and includes unlimited internet use in Estonia for 10 days and is suitable for both smartphones and routers. After 10 days, a reasonably priced package that meets the user’s needs can be activated on the calling card. For example, users can choose between Surfa packages with 1GB, 8GB or unlimited internet capacity.

“Of course, 5G will also reach the current Tele2 calling card users. 5G capability will be seamlessly integrated into all their packages and will be operational from the beginning of the new year. Customers themselves do not have to do anything — it is enough if the phone with 5G support has the data connection turned on and the phone already connects to the 5G network in our coverage area. All other networks — 4G, 3G and 2G — will also remain. Faster and higher quality internet will not increase the price for the customer,” Kikas added.

Tele2 5G calling cards can be purchased at more than 1,500 points of sale across Estonia, they are sold by the company’s representative offices and e-store, Rimi, Maxima, Selver, Circle K, Olerex, Grossi Toidukaubad, Coop, R-kiosk, and all other well-equipped stores across Estonia.

Source: BNS

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