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Taltech, NPM Narva magnet plant eyeing industrial incubator in NE Estonia

On Feb. 16, a meeting of executives and academics of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) with managers of NPM took place at TalTech’s Virumaa College to discuss possibilities for cooperation between the college and NPM’s future magnet plant in the form of the establishment of a joint industrial incubator.

The incubator would serve as a pilot facility for the plant’s production processes, a hands-on training and learning platform for academic staff, and a provider of further training for the employees of the magnet factory. Mare Roosileht, the director of Virumaa College, described the project of the industrial incubator as a very specific research and development project.

“Both parties are strongly interested and motivated to launch the incubator,” she said.

On behalf of NPM, the meeting was attended by Greg Kroll, group vice president; Greg Heydon, manager of the Narva plant; Aivar Virunen, project manager; Marek Biskup, chief engineer; and Olga Zaitseva, head of human resources and communications. TalTech was represented by Mare Roosileht, professors Allan Niidu and Riina Aav, and members of the steering group of the college Kalle Pirk, Olga Pihl, Heiko Podersalu and Illimar Labent, as well as program managers.

TalTech’s Virumaa College is a regional academic institution located in the northeastern city of Kohtla-Jarve, which offers three curricula in professional higher education and two in master’s studies.

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