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Omniva parcel machines in Baltics can now be used to send parcels all over the world

It is now possible to send parcels from parcel machines of Estonian state-owned postal service and logistics company Omniva to 237 countries and territories around the world.

The service is available to both private and business customers of Omniva and works in all three Baltic countries.

Mari-Liis Kuppar, head of business development at Omniva, said that previously, private customers could only send their parcels headed to destinations outside the Baltics at an Omniva post office or use the more expensive courier service. Now the same option is available at Omniva  parcel machines.

“The COVID period gave a serious boost to e-commerce, and the volumes of incoming e-commerce in the Baltic states have since multiplied, but there’s also an increasing number of so-called niche players in Estonia and neighboring countries whose customers are located in Europe or further afield, who use global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Vinted and others as their sales channels,” the executive said.

It is to these business customers that Omniva wants to offer the opportunity to grow and develop their business and find new customers in other markets.

A survey conducted by Havas revealed that 13 percent of Estonian residents have sent one or more parcels abroad in the last 12 months. People mainly send clothes, accessories, cosmetics and non-perishable products abroad. Estonian products are also popular, including Estonian honey, bread and other goods, which are sent to loved ones who are away from home for a longer time, Kuppar said, adding that Estonians mainly send parcels to America, Germany and Finland.

In order to send an international parcel at a parcel machine, it is necessary to register it on the Omniva self-service website and then place it in a parcel machine chosen as part of the registration.

Omniva is set to invest nearly three million euros in 2024 in the development of customer self-service platforms and other digital solutions to offer a more convenient user experience.

“The existing self-service environment software did not meet our future needs,” Kuppar said, adding that several more important developments are pending this year, such as the introduction of the possibility of redirecting one’s parcel via the self-service website.

The survey commissioned by Omniva was conducted by pollster Havas in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in February this year. One thousand people aged 18-74 who had received or sent a parcel in the past 12 months were surveyed in each country.

Omniva, or AS Eesti Post, is a provider of logistics services, and digital and international transit services. SIA Omniva’s and UAB Omniva LT’s main field of activity includes the provision of package and delivery services in Latvia and Lithuania, respectively. UAB Omniva LT Sorting has started construction works on a new logistics center in Kaunas. OU Picapac’s main fields of activity include the development of technological solutions for parcel machines and the provision of a personal parcel machine service. OU Finbite’s main field of activity is the provision of information business services.

Source: BNS

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