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Internal audit identifies systemic problems at Tallinn’s city-run dental clinic

During an inspection of the operations of SA Tallinna Hambakliinik, a city-owned foundation running a dental clinic of the same name, the city’s internal audit service discovered that long-term management problems are still unresolved at the foundation and it is possible that members of the supervisory board have been kept in an information blackout.

Acting mayor Madle Lippus said she proposed to the city government to remove the supervisory board due to long-term management problems, which were also highlighted by the city’s internal audit service during a follow-up inspection two years ago.

“In summary, the internal audit service already then identified systemic problems in the management of the clinic and gave recommendations for improving the management of the institution,” the acting mayor said, adding that unfortunately, the deficiencies have not been rectified and the ongoing internal audit has revealed persistent management issues.

Maksim Volkov, board member of Tallinna Hambakliinik, was present at the meeting of the city government to answer questions. After the discussion, the acting mayor put to a vote a proposal to remove the foundation’s supervisory board and proposed appointing Tallinn’s City Secretary Priit Lello, City Chancellor Kairi Vaher, and the city’s chief accountant Kaja Vahar as new members of the supervisory board.

The proposal was rejected by a vote of three to four.

“The internal audit service will continue its work and I will propose to the new city government that the current members of the supervisory board be removed and new ones appointed in their place,” Lippus added.

Source: BNS

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