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Inflation and healthcare main problems in Latvia – Eurobarometer

Almost half or 49 percent of Latvian residents consider price growth, inflation and the cost of living to be the most important problems in the country, according to a Eurobarometer survey conducted in autumn 2023.

At the same time, a little more than a quarter, or 27 percent, of the Latvian population consider shortcomings in healthcare to be an important problem in the country.

The survey shows that in the six months since last spring, public concern about healthcare as a priority problem in the country has fallen by four percentage points.

Elsewhere in the European Union (EU), a similar trend can be observed, with 44 percent of European residents ranking rising prices as the most important problem facing each state. Immigration is the number one concern for 20 percent of Europeans.

On a personal level, the majority of Latvian and EU citizens also cite rising prices as the most important problem. The majority, 63 percent of Latvian residents and 57 percent of EU citizens, say that price rises and inflation are the problems they face personally.

The survey also found that almost a third, or 32 percent, of Latvians and almost a fifth, or 18 percent, of EU residents consider healthcare to be an important problem at a personal level.

At the same time, the survey found that concern about healthcare as the most important problem in everyday life among Latvian residents has increased by five percentage points since last spring, while concern among EU citizens has not increased.

The survey was carried out in autumn 2023 and the results were published shortly before the New Year.

Source: BNS

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