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EU ski and snowboard production up by 37% in 2022; 45% were produced in Austria

In 2022, EU countries produced 4.8 million pairs of skis and snowboards, an increase of 37% when compared with 2021. Almost half of these items (2.2 million; 45%) were produced in Austria.

Skiing activities were severely impacted by the pandemic but thanks to this recent increase, the 2022 production surpassed the pre-Covid level.

With regard to trade, around 2.6 million pairs of skis and snowboards were exported to non-EU countries, a 13% increase compared to 2021 (2.3 million). In terms of imports, 1.8 million skis and snowboards were imported, more than twice the amount of the previous year (0.8 million).

Austria largest EU exporter and importer

Across the EU member states, Austria was the largest exporter and importer with 1.2 million pairs of skis and snowboards exported while importing 0.7 million items. The second and third largest exporters were France (0.4 million) and Italy (0.3 million).  The second and third largest importers were Germany and France (both 0.3 million).

With regard to exports to non-EU countries, around two-fifths of EU pairs of skis and snowboards went to the United States (1.1 million, or 42% of total extra-EU exports of skis and snowboards), followed by Canada (0.4 million, 16%) and China (0.3 million, 13%).

Imports from non-EU countries originated mainly from China (0.6 million; 34%), Ukraine (0.6 million; 31%) and Japan (0.2 million; 13%).

Source: ec.europa.eu/eurostat


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