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Estonian Banking Association: People have lost nearly EUR 5 mln to scams this year

The Estonian Banking Association announced that more than 800 people have fallen victim to fraud and lost almost five million euros in the first nine months of this year.

With the development of artificial intelligence, scammers have also overcome the language barrier — while a few years ago it was a problem that did not concern people whose first language is Estonian, then now it has become a concern that affects all people in Estonia regardless of their native language, place of residence or level of education, the Banking Association said.

According to the association, it is crucial to know and understand how to recognize scammers in order to protect the property and personal data of oneself and one’s loved ones. The 10 most common signs of danger that every person should be aware of include calls from a stranger claiming to be a police officer or a bank employee and asking for bank card information or access to an account; suspicious investment opportunities; excessive haste; requests for covert action; suspicious calls from abroad; request that access to the computer screen be shared; meeting strangers online; suspicion of call forwarding; suspicious web addresses; unusual links and documents, incorrect use of the Estonian language.

The Banking Association stressed that every person can increase their digital security by making reasonable choices. If you suspect that scammers have tried to attack you, always notify your home bank and the police by calling 112.

Source: BNS

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