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EKRE extended board criticizes voter turnout for recent EP elections as too low

In a statement made on Saturday, the extended board of the opposition Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) encourages people to go to the polls, noting that voter turnout for the European Parliament elections in Estonia was below 40 percent in both 2014 and 2019.

“Low participation in elections means that the interests of most Estonians, including many national conservatives, have been underrepresented or not represented at all in Brussels for the past ten years,” the EKRE extended board said. “We urge all Estonian nationalists and conservatives to participate in the European Parliament elections to send representatives to Brussels who will fight for nation states and natural order in the European Union, in cooperation with other national forces.”

“Abstaining from voting with the notion that it doesn’t matter is self-deception and ceding the battleground to forces that act against nationalism in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe. If conservatives don’t vote, liberal globalists will win. They will elect MEPs who do not advance Estonia’s interests in Brussels but Brussels’ interests in Estonia. These politicians will vote for increased immigration, censorship, tax hikes, and green extremism that destroys our economy and well-being,” EKRE said. “Every Estonian is already feeling the consequences of such policies. The course can be changed if we send people to Brussels who fight for our national interests.”

According to EKRE, opinion polls show that their party could win a maximum of two out of seven seats.

“Let’s work together to ensure that the next European Parliament reflects the face of national conservatives. Be sure to vote and do so on paper — this way, you ensure that your vote counts,” EKRE’s extended board said in its statement.

Source: BNS

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