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Eesti Gaas: Estonia’s gas consumption increased 40 pct on year

The consumption of natural gas in Estonia during the outgoing heating season increased by almost 40 percent compared to the previous season, and by as much as half in the Finnish and Baltic region taken together, privately owned gas supply company Eesti Gaas said on Thursday.

“The colder-than-average winter, several times lower gas prices and newly established supply routes from Norway and the United States have led to a significant increase in gas consumption,” Margus Kaasik, CEO of Eesti Gaas, said in a press release.

Gas consumption during the five months from October 2023 to February 2024 amounted to 2.45 terawatt-hours in Estonia, peaking at 0.73 terawatt-hours in January. In the Finnish and Baltic regions, gas consumption in the five months grew to 26 terawatt-hours, hitting 7.1 terawatt-hours in January.

The supply of a third of the gas consumed in the Finland-Baltic region is handled by Eesti Gaas. In 2023, Eesti Gaas brought 18 shiploads of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the region. One average, each ship brought an amount equaling about a quarter of Estonia’s annual consumption.

Source: BNS

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