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Baltics: Smart-ID now available on Apple Watch

The company SK ID Solutions announced on Tuesday that it has introduced Apple Watch support for the Smart-ID app.

It said this significant progression enables individuals to use Smart-ID for electronic authentication and signing directly through their Apple Watch. The technology upgrade will allow Smart-ID users to authenticate and sign electronically in a host of scenarios when their smartphone may not be at hand.

“Embedding Smart-ID into the Apple Watch ecosystem marks a considerable stride in our steadfast commitment to providing convenient and accessible user experiences,” Sanita Meijere, head of business relations at SK ID Solutions, said in a press release. “We’ve essentially made user convenience in authentication and electronic signing more attainable, given the prevalent use of both Smart-ID and the backing of over 1,000 e-services, including the significant inclusion of the 12 largest Baltic banks,” she added.

The Apple Watch feature maintains a high level of intuitive functionality and security, mirroring the operations carried out on the user’s paired iPhone via Smart-ID. Displaying a sequence of transactions such as the necessary PIN entry dialogues and control codes, users are guided through the process of confirming actions via Smart-ID. Enhanced security measures mean the user’s account information cannot be compromised from the Apple Watch. SK ID Solutions also recommends users to set a passcode on their Apple Watch for additional protection. Both the smartphone and the Apple Watch should be networked through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for the Smart-ID feature to function optimally, SK ID Solutions said.

Smart-ID’s user base has reached five million in the Baltics, and its usage hit a record high of 85 million transactions in a single month in 2023. The introduction of the functionality into the Apple Watch is expected to facilitate greater accessibility and broader adoption for Smart-ID.

Source: BNS

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