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Expert predicts no major shift in war after US allows Ukraine to use its weapons to strike military targets anywhere in Russia

The US decision to allow the Ukrainian army to use US-supplied weapons to attack any military facilities on Russian territory is unlikely to turn the tide of the war in favor of Ukraine, Major Janis Slaidins, a staff officer of the Latvian National Guard, told LETA.

As for the US authorization, in the expert’s view, it could have the biggest impact in the direction of Sumy, where Russia has a sufficiently strong group concentrated, although reserves are being taken from it and moved to the direction of Kharkiv.

“This would certainly be one of the directions where Ukrainian forces would use US weapons. It would also be important to determine where the Russian army headquarters are, for example in the Rostov region, but then it remains to be seen how far the ATACMS missiles can be used,” Slaidins stressed.

Although the successful use of these weapons will not change the course of the fighting rapidly, Ukraine’s main challenge at the moment is to reduce the Russian military’s potential so that it is difficult to compensate for it in the future. Only then could the Ukrainians take the initiative and go on the offensive, Slaidins believes.

“The main thing at the moment is to melt Russia’s capacity, because it is obvious that Russia has problems with mobilization, so Russia will do everything not to have to introduce a general mobilization. Putin certainly does not want that, because the domestic political situation is very important to him,” the expert stressed.

According to the expert, Russia has amassed sufficient resources on the front, but has not been able to break the Ukrainian defense line, which shows that the quality of these forces is inadequate. Russia still maintains hope on the front line that it will be able to achieve an operational breakthrough and penetrate the Ukrainian armed forces’ defenses.

As for the long-awaited potential deliveries of F-16 fighter jets, Slaidins noted that the information space is full of different information, but he believes that Ukraine has already prepared a strategy for the use of these aircraft.

Source: BNS

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