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Estonian car sales market decreased by nearly one-fifth; most popular – Toyota, Skoda, VW

In March, the sales volumes of cars and commercial vehicles in Estonia decreased by nearly one-fifth, or 20.6 percent, compared to the same period last year, with a quarterly decline of 11.7 percent, according to data available from the Estonian Road Administration.

Although in March, the best-selling car brand in Estonia, Toyota, had to cope with a small 4.2 percent decline in car and commercial vehicle sales, its performance for the first quarter remained notably positive compared to the overall market, with a 6.4 percent increase.

The Estonian Road Administration’s statistics on new vehicle registrations underscore a noteworthy shift, with hybrid powertrains dominating purchases. Concurrently, sales of electric vehicles exhibit an upward trajectory.

In March, hybrid vehicles accounted for 718 purchases in Estonia, while gasoline-powered cars stood at 576, diesel at 303, and electric at 93. Hybrid vehicles also maintained their status as the most sought-after option for the quarter.

Comparing the first registrations of all cars, Toyota topped the Estonian market in March with 299 cars, followed by Skoda with 287, Volkswagen with 163, Kia with 137, Dacia with 110, Subaru with 74, Renault with 65, BMW with 53, Citroen with 43, and Mercedes-Benz with 42 cars.

Source: BNS

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