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Self-driving culture bus to travel between ERM and Tartu City Museum

The Culture Bus, named after the 2024 Culture Capital City, will begin travel between the Tartu City Museum and the Estonian National Museum between June and October.

Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm said that autonomous vehicles will be a part of our everyday transit in the future. “This is why it is reasonable to start creating pilot projects today to test technology and help with the development. Without a doubt, the culture bus’ one purpose is to introduce the self-driving vehicle and driving opportunity because many Tartu residents have not yet had first-hand experience,” he added.

The project is being used to test technology. To ensure the vehicles have a smooth ride, cameras and sensors will be set up in the city infrastructure to receive real-time information at complex crossing from drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Another of the project’s aims is to provide extra information and ensure the safety of the drivers.

The pilot project was inspired by the Japanese company Yazaki Group’s subsidiary Yazaki Innovations, and the US technology company Avanti R&D. In Estonia, the self-driving vehicles are developed in collaboration with Auve Tech OÜ and Tartu City.

Read more: ERR.EE


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