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Over 60% of Latvians would choose to invest in real estate – poll

If they had spare money, 63 percent of people in Latvia would choose to invest it in real estate – a home, land property or forest, shows a Norstat poll conducted for Citadele Bank.

Asked to choose from multiple investment options, 63 percent of respondents in Latvia, 78 percent in Estonia and 74 percent in Lithuania said they would invest in real estate. This type of investment emerged as by far the most popular in all three Baltic states.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of the surveyed Latvians, 32 percent of Estonians and 26 percent of Lithuanians would prefer to invest in company shares. In Latvia, this type of investment was popular with 33 percent of men and 24 percent of women. In turn, 28 percent of Latvians, 36 percent of Estonians and 15 percent of Lithuanians would choose to invest in gold and precious metals. Men are also more likely than women (34 percent vs. 23 percent) to prefer this type of investment in Latvia.

The survey reveals that 27 percent of people in Latvia, 23 percent of respondents in Estonia and only 7 percent in Lithuania would choose to invest their spare funds in third-pillar pension funds. The most active about investing in third-pillar pension funds are people aged 30-39 and over 50, according to the survey.

According to the survey, 16 percent of Latvians, 22 percent of Estonians and 23 percent of Lithuanians would like to invest their spare money in various investment funds. Cryptocurrencies are attractive as an investment option for 11 percent of respondents in Latvia, with young people aged 18-29 on average 2.5 to three times more likely to choose this investment option than other age groups. In Estonia and Lithuania, cryptocurrencies would be chosen by 10 percent and 8 percent of respondents, respectively.

Meanwhile, 7 percent of respondents in Latvia, 13 percent in Estonia and 8 percent in Lithuania would like to invest in artworks. This type of investments was named as attractive by respondents in the age group of 50 to 59 years. Also, 6 percent of Latvians, 7 percent of Estonians and 8 percent of Lithuanians would invest in various valuables such as watches or jewelry.

Norstat conducted the online survey for Citadele in April, polling over 3,000 residents of the Baltic states, aged 18 to 74.

Source: BNS

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