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Lithuania joins the prestigious MICHELIN Guide club: first Starred restaurants announced

On the evening of June 13th in Vilnius, representatives of the MICHELIN Guide officially announced that Lithuania will now have four restaurants, each awarded one MICHELIN star. The list of Lithuanian restaurants, compiled by MICHELIN Guide anonymous Inspectors, includes 26 establishments recommended by the prestigious MICHELIN Guide as places to enjoy culinary delights and exceptional service.

The MICHELIN Stars were awarded to restaurants Džiaugsmas, Demoloftas, Pas mus and Nineteen18, located in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius.

Four restaurants were recognised for their excellent value for money and quality ratio, earning them the title of “Bib Gourmand”: Gaspar’s, 14Horses, Le Travi and Nüman.

In addition, Red Brick has received the MICHELIN Green Star for its commitment to sustainable gastronomy.

Special MICHELIN awards were presented to talented restaurant professionals. “The MICHELIN Young Chef Award” was given to Tadas Eidukevičius of Demoloftas. The MICHELIN Guide’s Inspectors appreciated sommelier Kamilė Bartusevičiūtė from Pacai skills and professionalism and awarded her the MICHELIN Sommelier Award. The MICHELIN Guide’s Service Award was given to Gaspar‘s restaurant front-of-house team.

“We are pleased to present the first MICHELIN guide to Lithuania. This completes the Baltic trilogy, and the MICHELIN guide now fully covers the region. The guide features 34 restaurants, nine of which have been awarded special mentions – from four MICHELIN Bib Gourmands for good quality and good price up to four MICHELIN stars for top-class cuisine and without forgetting one MICHELIN Green Star for a restaurant that makes a special contribution to sustainable catering. Each of the restaurants we have selected deserves its place, and they are truly the best of the best. MICHELIN inspectors tasted both classic and modern dishes on their travels, dishes both local and from around the world, and dishes that can be shared in a relaxed environment and dishes that can be sampled from a tasting menu, so our first choice was decorated with different restaurant styles,” said the International Director of the “Michelin Guide” Gwendal Poullennec.

“Our country is renowned not only for its rich historical heritage and breathtaking scenery but also for its authentic culinary experience, now officially recognised in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide. This recognition is of particular significance as it confirms the world-class skills of our chefs and invites travellers to immerse themselves in Lithuania’s authenticity through culinary experimentation and respect for gastronomic traditions,” said Aušrinė Armonaitė, Lithuanian Minister of Economy and Innovation.

“The experience of many countries and cities shows that the MICHELIN Guide is a strong tourism booster. For our part, LITHUANIA TRAVEL and the team are ready to seize this significant moment and turn it into a wealth of offers and positive experiences for Lithuanian visitors. Various studies and experiences at international exhibitions have shown that gastronomic tourism is a fast-growing niche in Lithuania. Now is the time to prove it in practice,” says Olga Goncharova, Director of LITHUANIA TRAVEL.

Goncharova is delighted that Lithuania has become a new tourist attraction on the world’s most famous gastronomic map. The restaurant ratings reflect the cultural journey of restaurants, their successful heritage, and the creativity that MICHELIN Guide Inspectors recognise.

The MICHELIN Guide Inspectors, always working anonymously, thoroughly explored Lithuania, looking for the best restaurants. They visited different regions and cities across the country.

Travelling all over Lithuania, the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors sampled classic and modern cuisine – from local traditions to French, Italian, and Indian cuisine, from delicious snacks in markets to exemplary tasting menus featuring the finest local and seasonal produce.


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