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Elections, car tax top list of Google searches in Estonia in 2023

The most popular keywords entered by Estonians into the Google search engine this year were “2023. aasta valimised” (“2023 elections”), “automaksu kalkulaator” (“car tax calculator”) and “tehisintellekt” (“artificial intelligence”), according to Google’s annual list of the most searched keywords published on Monday.

Kristina Randver, head of business development at Google Estonia, said that the most searched words for Estonians were, as expected, the elections and the calculator of the tax they will have to pay on their car as a result of the tax reform, along with topics related to artificial intelligence.

When it comes to cultural events, Estonians most often searched for information about the Eurovision Song Contest, the Eesti Laul contest for the Estonian entry for Eurovision, and The Weekend. The most searched sports events were Rally Estonia, Wimbledon and Tartu Maraton, while the top three of movies were “Oppenheimer,” “Barbie” and the Estonian production “Vigased pruudid” (“Faulty Brides”).

The top 10 of Estonian searches also included the names of three prominent people who died in 2023: television journalist Olaf Suuder, US sitcom star Matthew Perry and Estonian actress Ita Ever.

The advertising campaign for the popular Estonian mineral water Varska was in fifth place.

For advice and quick recommendations, Estonians most often looked for how to calculate their income tax refund, how to catch vinegar flies and how to teach a child to read.

In technology, the most searched keywords were the AI ​​chatbots Chat GPT and Character AI, as well as iPhone 15.

Globally, in 2023, the most frequent search in the news category for Google was the war in Israel and Gaza, the most searched athlete was American footballer Damar Hamlin, the most popular museum was the Louvre, the most searched movie was “Barbie,” and the most searched recipe was the recipe for Korean rice dish bibimbap.

The most frequent Google searches in Estonia in 2023:

Valimised 2023
Automaksu kalkulaator
Olaf Suuder
Matthew Perry
Varska kampaania
Ita Ever
Ken Block
Craig Breen

Source: BNS

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